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Teachers Program with Ceremonial Master I Review and Ceremonial Master II  
Location Details: Crystal Inn BrighamCity Utah - Fly in to Salt Lake International Airport
Phone:  Triolite, Inc. 866-570-7036 or 435-723-5442
Headquarters Only
Power Week 1 (Teachers Program with Initiation – Pre-Requisite for Guide Initiation) 
1- 24 Strand Etheric DNA Activation Energy Check & Teachers Training
2-  DNA Activation Energy Check, Basic Reading, and Handing Down
3- Gifts Basic Teachers Program
4- Core Programs Handing Down for Teachers
     a. Divine Geometries
     b. Astral Travel
     c. Stress Management
     d. Alchemy Basics- Medicine Wheel and 4 Worlds
5- Etheric Healing Basic & Advanced 
Adept Pre-requisites to Attend Power Week I (Teachers Program): 
 Adept Initiation Required 
1-  Adept Program with Initiation 
2-  Adept II or Etheric Healing Basic
3-  Astral Travel
4-  Divine Geometry
5. 24 Strand DNA Activation Training with Basic Reading
6. Gifts of the Spirit Basic –  Adept Initiation Highly Recommended 
Those attending Power Week Many evening programs (with handing down) 
Exorcism, Soul Retrieval & Cord Cutting
Foundations of Magic
Lectures:  The Mystery Schools, The Other Races, and What is Light Body
SPECIAL DEAL!! Guides earn a commission on your referrals to Teachers Program!
QTY:     $2,750.00