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Ceremonial Master Level III & Vision Quest

Ceremonial Master Level ICeremonial Master III Intensive Ceremonial Master Training with Annual Vision Quest
Ceremonial Master Level I and Level II are Pre-Requisites for this program.  
Topics Include: High Magick:  Planetary Magick, Magick of Time, Sigils & Seals, Enochian Evocation, Qabalistic Magick.  Gate Closing, Binding, Clearing Entities, and more.  More Location Information Provided on Registration :

Details for the Vision Quest 

The Vision Quest is a 2 day 2 night Fasting (Tent) Camp Out that allows you to transform at the deepest levels! The Vision Quest can be done at any time, but it is required for: 

• Ceremonial Master III 
• Guide Graduation, 
• Ancient Ways Modern Powers Apprenticeship Graduation, 
• Celtic High Priestess/ High Priest Graduation and Handing Down (Wicca) 

We will provide all necessary materials for the class portions of this program; the Teachings of the Mask of Power. 

You will need to bring enough water for 3 days, a tent and extra long anchor spikes, sleeping bag, air mattress, ground cloth, 2-3 tarps, pillow, coat, hat, gloves, rain slicker, candles, matches, lantern, flashlight & batteries, shovel, a camp toilet (chair type), a camp chair, plastic garbage bags, your ritual tools, Grimoire, changes of clothing, and personal hygiene items and necessary medications. 

Vision Quests are water only fast for 2 days and 2 nights. You must have a medical release and be in reasonably good physical condition to participate. We will check on you several times per day. The Vision Quest will be held in the WILDERNESS of Northeastern Utah/Idaho. 

Call for details: 866-570-7036     or 435-723-5442                 
Triolite, Inc. PO Box 206, Brigham City, UT

Shuttle to Brigham Utah: http://www.loganshuttle.com/ or Phone (800) 658-8526             (800) 658-8526    

For Initiates, this program is highly recommended! If you are a GUIDE this program "hands down" skills and techniques for your own practice and teaching.


QTY:     $1,900.00

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