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Metatron's Light Newsletter

Your Monthly Prophecy & Horoscope & Daily Message Infused with Energy from Archangel Metatron

Welcome to your energetic home. You are on a journey -- a journey of spiritual development, and you understand that the Path of Return is a communal pathway, shared with the rest of humanity. While the only tools you truly need are your heart for opening to love, and your hands for serving your fellow man, sometimes it is of great use to have guidance, insights, and reminders along the way.

Metatron offers this in a monthly newsletter and daily message called "Metatron's Light," given through his channel of more than 20 years, Lady Eleanor. The newsletter provides insights into world events for the coming month, as well as a detailed horoscope for each astrological sign. Then, each day of the month, Metatron offers his daily message providing:

A keyword of the day. The focus for co-creation on that day. The energetic theme of the day. Your lesson for the day. An infusion of supportive energy for reaching your potential.

This is a time of great change, and it is so important that we have Lightworkers actively co-creating what our world will become. We have only recently entered fully into the Aquarian Age, and the energy here is supporting a dramatic shift in the way humans live. How would you transform it?

This is truly the time each of us has been waiting for. A time when governments and businesses and education and relationships must all come into the light. A time when individuals must at last come into their power. "Metatron's Light" is here to support you in taking part. "Metatron's Light is something I look forward to every month like nothing else. It helps me feel connected and keeps me focused on my purpose. And I literally start every business day by opening my daily message and thinking about how to bring its themes into my work that day. I encourage EVERYONE on the spiritual path to subscribe." -- Steve M.

So many subscribers share this kind of message, and we hope you will discover it for yourself. Please ... explore the sample monthly message and some of the sample daily messages and see how this information feels for you. As the mouthpiece of God, Metatron wants nothing more than to support the journey of each person seeking light.

If you like what you read and believe that "Metatron's Light" would be a powerful addition to your journey, we hope you will subscribe below for just $5/month. That includes the very detailed monthly newsletter and horoscope as well as a message to your inbox with an energy infusion from Metatron every day of the month.

There is much work to do. And there is much love to give. We know you are with us on this communal journey, and hope you will join us in "Metatron's Light" as well. Namaste.

QTY:     $60.00

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