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Advanced Skills Intensive: Programs Outside of Utah

This program is an Advanced Channeling Training. It is usually held 1 year after Graduation from Gifts of the Spirit Intensive. 
We welcome Gifts of the Spirit Intensive Graduates 2003-2014.

Program will be held in Brigham City Utah
Details Furnished After Registration 
Phone 866-570-7036 or 435-723-5442

Fly in to SLC International Airport: Airport Shuttle or Rental Car to Brigham City, UT.

This price is available if you have your altar and black mirror. If you need another Channeling Tools package you must pay $77 cash at registration. 

Time: Program begins at 10 AM we will continue until 7 PM

Note: USA -AWMP Program Includes Channeling Intensive, Year of Study lessons, Celtic Shamanic Priestess and Priest Grimoires, Basics of 1st Time Practice, Celtic Priestess / Priest Initiation, and Advanced Skills Intensive $3300.00 plus $333 annual ceremonial fee.

Apprentices should register by email.


This workshop is designed to build on the skills taught in the Gifts of the Spirit Intensive program.  Gifts of the Spirit Intensive is a pre-requisite for this program.  Advanced Skills Intensive is only available only to individuals who have successfully completed Gifts Intensive 12 months before Advanced Skills. 


This experiential program will provide you provide you with the advanced knowledge and skills for:

·        Turning of the Wheel techniques to allow you to offer this service for yourself and others;

·        Advanced tools for the Channel;

·        Advanced evocational skills;

·        Soul Retrieval techniques to allow you to offer this service to others;

·        Cosmic Serpent techniques;

·        Amplifying your contact with the entities you channel; and

·        Fine tune your reading skills and further open your Gifts of the Spirit.

Do not miss this opportunity to learn these advance techniques, skills and services.  

Note:  Please wear comfortable clothing.  Jeans, pantyhose, and tight or restrictive clothing impede the energy flow.  Pillows, yoga mat, or mediation pillows and props are recommended.  Taping and filming will not be permitted.



QTY:     $1,050.00

Advanced Skills Intensive:  Programs Outside of Utah
For more information, please visit this products webpage.