Adam Kadmon Elixir/ Antimony

The Adam Kadmon Elixir - Also Called Antimony After the Alchemical Philosopher's Stone is vibrational product developed to enhance your beauty from the inner to the outer.

Made of Vibrationally Enhanced Distilled Water The Adam Kadmon Elixir (Antimony) is pure - contains no preservatives.


Adam Kadmon Elixir/ Antimony Set includes Purificato (AM Formula) and Crystalis (PM Formula). A Homeopathic formulation critical to the Adam Kadmon 24 Strand DNA Activation. Get 3 sets and save!

Ancient Alchemists searched for the formula for Antimony, and we believe we have found it! Antimony was said to be the elixir of life, or Philosopher's Stone. Paracelsus, a 15th century Alchemist, was said to have created Antimony.

In legend, Antimony was supposed to mark a new beginning for the Individual - setting them on a road to health and happiness.

This elixir has always been described as a gift from God, and in unity with God this elixir of life was used as a link between humans and God. This remedy may open your connection to God and your spirit!

• This incredible product is considered a beauty product, used to clean the skin and environment.
• Antimony is vibrationally enhanced to support your Spiritual Evolution and the 24 Strand (Adam Kadmon) DNA Activation.
• Antimony is Vibropathic, made from pure distilled water.
• Uses of Antimony are the same as Distilled Water
• Antimony works at the vibration/ energetic level according to the law of similars.

30 DAY REFUND POLICY If you don't like the product for any reason return it within 30 days for a full refund! Antimony, Adam Kadmon, and 24 Strand DNA Activation are Registered Trademarkx of Triolite, Inc.


We live in a very dirty environment. The effects of environmental exposure are well documented, and diseases thought to be caused by exposure are rampant. Antimony is intended to be used externally act as a vibrational detoxifier, eliminating pollutants from the environment and skin gently.

The Alchemists of Paracelsus Research Society, building on the knowledge of Frater Albertus, were successful in creating this elixir.

Whether the legends about Antimony are true or not - we leave up to you to determine. We make no medical claims for Antimony, or claims as to effects on you.

Antimony is meant for external use however it is safe to add to water, juice, or other beverages. Antimony is often used in steam facials to detoxify the complexion.

Antimony is often used as a base to create Rose Water and essential oil mixes.

If you are having symptoms of disease or medical concerns, please seek medical evaluation and care immediately!

ANTIMONY® is Available in Two Different Versions:

• Antimony® Purificato: Morning
Intended as a detoxifier, clearing the cellular level vibrationally of all retained toxins use with a morning soak bath. Its purpose is to neutralize debris from the skin. Allows the cellular assimilation of light. This form of Antimony works best in the morning when the body is in motion or awake.

• Antimony® Crystalis: Evening Dose
Assists you in maintaining a focus in your Spiritual life. Crystalis clears the dense physical structures which hinder full spiritual awareness. Crystalis works best before bed as you relax and sleep.

This remedy is available in a liquid form. Each bottle contains only Vibrationally enhanced, sterilized, distilled water. There is no sugar or alcohol added as a preservative.

Refrigerate after opening.

Antimony is bottled in blue one ounce dropper bottles. Add 7 drops to your bath, cleaning water, or in a steam facial. 7 drops of Antimony may be added to water, juice, or tea.


Antimony, Adam Kadmon, and 24 Strand DNA Activation are Registered Trademarks of Triolite, Inc.


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