• Qabalah Ascension Symposium Audit Discount in Utah

Qabalah Ascension Symposium Audit Discount in Utah

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The Qabalah Ascensions Symposium brings Qabalists studying the Spheres of the Tree of Life the full, physical Ascension Process.

This program's pre-requisite is Qabalah Sphere Introduction with any Certified Mystery School Qabalah Teacher.  

This advanced seminar opens the full power of the Qabalah and the Divine Light. We do this through physical ascensions sphere by sphere from Malkuth to Kether. 

In addition, this Symposium teaches you to use the correspondences of the Qabalah Sephiroth for a specific purpose and manifestation.  This training program Includes the deep mystery of the direct Ascension Experience.  

This advanced Qabalah program is required for all who hope to become Qabalah Teachers.

This will be offered is a hybrid program. That means that the program will be taught from headquarters in Utah and a WebEx livestream will link the Guides qualified to offer a live program in their light centers.  These qualified Guides will offer the physical ascension rituals.  The program will be recorded and the video will be available to all attending.

Location Details: Live training in St. George, Utah.  If you are attending in person fly in to Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, NV.  

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