Astral Travel Webinar

Astral Travel Webinar

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Webinar: Astral Travel

There are no pre-requisites for this program although Adept Theory and Adept II – The Theories of Light are highly recommended. Initiation is not required to participate!

You may be surprised to learn that everyone astral travels. Every night when you sleep you travel up the tunnel of light we call your “Central Core” into the astral zones. When you reach the 7th Spiritual Dimension or the Akashic zone, you “upload” a record of everything you said, did, and thought during the entire day. There are no exceptions to this rule. During sleep your purpose for astral traveling is led by your Higher Self and the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light. You do not have awareness or control of this natural Astral Projection. If you Project in the awakened state you are guided by your own choice of where to go and what to.

What is astral travel? You expand your consciousness in order to travel outside of the physical body. It is a technique of learning to shift consciousness from point A to point B within your own being. With these techniques you can have total remembrance. In the Astral Travel webinar you will learn exercises that you practice at home.

General Rule: In all astral travel, be quiet, humble and extremely careful.

Topics: Methods for leaving the physical body, where to travel, how to travel, the conditions for astral projections, morals and ethics in astral travel, protected space to travel from, and the collective consciousness of Humankind.

Skills Mastered: Exercises and journeys to allow you to consciously astral travel.


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