• Meditation Basics Webinar

Meditation Basics Webinar

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Meditation Basics Webinar

Every Spiritual tradition requires Spiritual seekers to learn to Mediate Why? Meditation brings in additional energy, and energy is the fuel that allows you to use the Gifts of the Spirit, heal another, work ceremony, and manifest! Meditation is a discipline, through this webinar learn to breathe, center yourself, concentrate. It will result in greater joy, concentration, better health, divine contact, and everything you can imagine! The basic Mystery School meditations are included in the course!

Topics Include: What is Meditation, What does it do, How will it benefit me? Cleansing Breath, Clearing Techniques, Centering, Concentration, Trance, Visualization,

Skills Mastered: Basic Meditation Instruction including many Mystery School Basic Meditations. Visualization techniques, Mantra techniques, Shamanic Journeys

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