Gifts of the Spirit Basic  Seminar

Gifts of the Spirit Basic Seminar

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Gifts of the Spirit ® Basic  Seminar

Foundation Level Gifts of the Spirit ® Basic Seminars

This Basic Program in not a “beginner” program, it offers something to everyone regardless of your knowledge, training, or ability! Gifts of the Spirit Basic or is focused on opening, developing, and evolving your “Gifts of the Spirit.” Regardless your level of development, this course will benefit you. Whether you are a just curious, a Spiritual Seeker, an Esoteric Professional, (Channel, Card Reader, Psychic, or Healer) or a Healer these programs will serve you!
Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Clairsentience are the manifestation of the Spiritual senses. The Spiritual senses allow you to connect to unseen forces for guidance, teaching, healing, or anything that furthers your Spiritual development.
Many seekers focus on developing one “Gift,” and rely on their natural ability in a specific area. The truth is that all three “Gifts” must be opened and integrated for the individual to be a clear channel. Our focus is on the full opening of the “Gifts.” You will work with the Gifts as you learn techniques to open them. We don’t teach “about” the skill — we teach “the skill” by doing! Our commitment is to provide you with a safe environment to learn and experience the Spiritual capacity you possess.

You have Four ways to participate:
• Attend a weekend Seminar offered at Headquarters with Laurie;
• Attend a Seminar offered by Mystery School Teachers and Guides (global availability);
• Attend Our 7 Week Webinar Series or Download it to learn at your convenience.

Each version of the Gifts of the Spirit Basic Program is experiential. You will have validation at each level. Build your confidence in your abilities and create competence in your ability to use the “Gifts.”

• Tools to open your Gifts: Automatic Writing, Mediation, Direct Connection to Your Higher Self, Full Body Channeling, and a variety of reading formats.
• Amplify your abilities: So you see, hear, or feel energy?
• Safety
• Your Contract: Who Should I Channel?
• Experience the Physical and Spiritual Dimensions
• Fine tune your abilities: Energetic support from Laurie is provided as needed.
Divine Beings You Will Work With:
• Your Higher Self
• Your Dimensional Self
• Your Monad
• Masters of the Hierarchy of Light
• Angels and Archangels
Q & A with Laurie, channel for Archangel Metatron

Please wear comfortable clothing! Jeans, pantyhose, and tight or restrictive clothing impede the energy flow. Pillows, yoga mat, or meditation pillows and props are recommended.
Taping or Filming will not be permitted