Psychic Skills Annual Fee

Psychic Skills Annual Fee

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A Year of Study Apprenticeship: This study apprenticeship is the year of weekly written lessons included in the Channeling School program! Anyone interested in developing your psychic abilities, you ability to manifest, your control of elemental energy, healing abilities, is welcome to attend! No Pre-requisite Program! All graduates of Gifts of the Spirit Intensives are welcome to participate.

This unique program offers you a full year of training! Learn to hone your abilities through weekly lessons and a variety of exercises developed to support your evolution. Over a year you will experience complete, gentle, and safe opening of your Gifts of the Spirit as a result of proper spiritual development. The Webinar Program includes a manual, monthly instruction via webinar (3 hours), and email or phone support as needed from Laurie. Learn to heal, control the elements, work with energy at advanced levels, perfect your contact, manage your body and maintain your health. The course includes the basics of manifestation, spiritual psychology, and metaphysical/ hermetic teachings.

Many skills are taught that are not offered in Gifts of the Spirit Basic or Gifts of the Spirit Intensive. This program that expand your knowledge, blow your mind, and bring you to mastery of your energy and Gifts.

The Webinar format allows you to begin at any time and learn at your own pace. You may attend the online class, or download and listen at your convenience! Learn in the comfort of your own home or office.

About the Channeling Program:

Channeling Online Core
1- Gifts of the Spirit Basic Pre-requisite for Channeling Program $222 2 Day Program
2- The Sacred Altar Pre-requisite for Channeling Program $122 1 Day Class Includes Book
3- Year of Study 50 Weeks of Study $111 Monthly 1 X Monthly 10-4 or $1222 Annual

Channeling: Gifts Intensive 4 Days (In person) with Laurie’s Assessment & Energy Check - Program 4 weeks after Online Channeling School Begins $950. Advanced Skills Intensive - 1 year after program: 2 Day Retreat. $477 -

Note: USA -AWMP Program Includes Channeling Intensive, Year of Study Psychic Skills Montly Webinar  lessons, Celtic Shamanic Priest or Priestess Webinars 8 times per year, Basics of 1st Time Practice, Wicca Initiation at reduced price, Elemental Alchemy Webinar, Elemental Alchemy Teachers Program at reduced price, The Sacred Altar Webinar, and Advanced Skills Intensive $3300.00 plus $333 annual ceremonial fee.