• Spiritual Alchemy Neo Adept Intensive & Adept Core Audit Utah

Spiritual Alchemy Neo Adept Intensive & Adept Core Audit Utah

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Neo Adept Initiation Intensive and Adept Core Webinars Package: Discount Program Package Saves you $250.
The Adept Skils Intensive Includes Initiation Ceremony, DNA Activation and Basic Reading Training, Energy Basics, Cord Cutting, Cap Removal, Toning, Basic Energy Balancing, and Rituals of the Adept.

The Intensive Seminar program is offered over 3 days. 10 am to 8 pm All NEW NEO ADEPT PROGRAM! Teachers I Program Pre-requisites included in this powerful Initiatory Program.

Pre-Requisite Programs are offered online or in person with a Guide:
Neo Adept:

1.      The Adept Theory Webinar $233

2.      Meditation Basics Webinar $177

3.      Sacred Altar Webinar $233

4.      Adept II – Theories of Light Webinar $233

5.      Divine Geometries Webinar $50

6.      Astral Travel Webinar $50

7.      Gifts of the Spirit Basic $466

8.      The Things That Go Bump in the Night: The Theory of Exorcism and Psychic Self Defense Webinar $197

9.      Etheric Healing Theory Webinar $77

A $1716 Value

Online Program Qualifies Initiate for Adept Initiation Intensive Pre- Teachers Program.

3 Days (Saturday through Sunday night 10 am to 8 pm ) – Includes Initiation Ceremony, DNA Activation and Basic Reading Training, Starseed Healing Modality, Unified Chakra Alignment, Cap Removal, Toning, Cord Cutting, Basic Energy Balancing, and Rituals of the Adept. Your DNA Wand, Chime, and Tuning Fork are included in this price. 

Location: Brigham City, UT - Fly in to Salt Lake International Airport, Shuttle to Brigham City with Logan Shuttle.
Phone: Triolite, Inc. 866-570-7036 or 435-723-5442
ALL NEW Neo Adept Program
Guides Audit this program and review the updated materials we have available for you. Offer ALL pre-requisite programs for Power Week in YOUR Light Center.
Teachers, Audit these programs to firm up your knowledge base and prepare for Guide Initiation. If you are transferring from another mystery school these updated programs and manuals will increase your ability to serve and teach!
Come to beautiful Brigham City, Utah to connect with the magickal Ray of Metatron and be empowered with the skills to build your own light center. We invite you to The Annual Power Week of 7th Ray (Metatron) Mystery School. We are gathering all the schools together in together to do ceremony, hand down teachings, rituals and share the knowledge.
Being in Utah for the handing down is critical to connect to the magickal current of Metatron, who is the power behind the DNA Activation, so you can take this ray back to your centers to empower others. Leaders from the 1st Ray (Michael) Mystery School and the 2nd Ray (Raphael) Mystery School will be participating with us.
Headquarters Only

LOCATION DETAILS FOR Neo Adept With Laurie Gudnason:

Shuttle to Brigham City with Cache Valley Shuttle: http://www.loganshuttle.com/ ro Logan, Utah (800) 658-8526.

Lodging in Brigham City: Bushnell Motel(435) 723-8575115 E 700 S, Brigham City
Howard Johnson(435) 723-8511 Located at 1167 S Main St, Brigham City
Galaxie Motel(435) 723-723-3439 Located at 740 S Main St, Brigham City
Crystal Inn (435) 723-0440 Located at 480 Westland Drive, Brigham City, UT 84302
Days Inn (435) 723-3500 Located at 1033 South 1600 West, Brigham City, UT 84302


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