• The 13 Initiations of Celtic Shamanism Facility Fee Foregin Lang

The 13 Initiations of Celtic Shamanism Facility Fee Foregin Lang

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Celtic Shamanic Initiation and training with Laurie - Lady Eleanor

Levels 1-13 Evening Preparatory Program:Pre-requisite is Elemental Alchemy which provides you with the first four initiation levels of learning and hands on work. 

If you have attended Elemental Alchemy with any Celtic High Priestess or Priest Initiated through Lady Eleanor's Wicca or Celtic Shamanic Program you are qualified. Ask your Elemental Alchemy Teacher for Information today! 

This program is an intensive Initiatory Program. After completion you are a Novice Wicca High Priestess or High Priest qualified to offer Elemental Alchemy Programs of your own. You are also qualified to lead a Ceremonial group or Coven. Full Initiation as Wicca High Priestess or High Priest, and the ability to Initiate others in the 13 Initiations of Wicca is achieved with this Apprenticeship Program. A year and a day of study is required after Wicca 1-13 for you to apply for this program. The Initiator Program will be offered Beltane 2007. Watch for more details. The Wicca Apprenticeship Study Program is recommended for those who wish to be Initiated. It provides instruction for the Sabbats, Esbats, personal ritual work, coven leadership, and basic tools of Elemental Magick. It is not a substitute for the 13 Initiations or for Elemetal Alchemy.

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