• Ancient Ways Modern Powers Apprenticeship Materials Fee English & Foreign Language

Ancient Ways Modern Powers Apprenticeship Materials Fee English & Foreign Language

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Ancient Ways Modern Powers Materials Fee

Ancient Ways Modern Powers

Initiation into the Ancient Traditions

Ancient Ways Modern Powers with Gifts of the Spirit Intensive - Advanced Skills Oracle Training
Ceremonial Basics and High Priestess or High Priest Initiation, Evocational Basics, Healership training, and Adept Theory. 

Become a Person of Knowledge:

This program includes Many of Laurie’s programs:

• Gifts of the Spirit Intensive Seminar:

 • A Year of Study: Psychic Skills Webinar;

• Celtic Shamanism Webinar 8 times per year;
• Gifts of the Spirit Basic Webinar;

• Adept Theory Webinar;

• Elemental Alchemy Webinar;

• The Sacred Altar Webinar;

• Adept II: Theories of Light Webinar;

• The 12 Races Webinar,

• Astral Travel Webinar,

• Divine Geometries Webinar,

.  Energetic Hygiene:  Things that go Bump in the Night Webinar

• Graduation Program:  High Priestess /High Priest Initiations with Completion of the Vision Quest

.  Discount on Advanced Skills Intensive

.  Vision Quest for Graduation

. 20% Apprentice Discount on Teacher's Program and Ceremonial Master Program

• and Laurie's mentoring …..

 (a value of over $5000 if these programs are taken individually)

 Advanced Skills Intensive if offered 1 year after Gifts Intensive.  This begins your Initiation into the work of the Oracle!

Ancient Ways Modern Powers is a great Value offered in one economical package!

Integrate & Manifest Ancient Powers as you live life in the Modern World

Make the work of Ceremonialist, Healer, Psychic,
and Teacher your work in the world!

Graduation can take place within 12 months to 3 years. Work at your own pace.  If you do not desire to complete the program the price is pro-rated according to materials and training you received.

Tuition for Apprenticeship is $5000  Spread your payments over time To participate in the program we require a deposit of $1250 and $250 monthly payments for 15  months.  A pre-established credit card monthly charge or PayPal Subscription is required.

$333 Materials Fee for Gifts Intensive .  Includes your Altar Kit, Black Mirror, and all goodies and tools needed in the training program

If you wish to pay  everything at once, the price is discounted to $3300.00 plus $333.00 materials charge for Gifts Intensive when you attend those programs!

If you wish to attend 24 Strand DNA Activation Training and Power Week I Teachers Program you may do so at a 20% Apprentice Discount.

If you do not desire to complete the program YOU AGREE TO PAY THE FULL PRICE OF PROGRAMS ON A PER SEMINAR BASIS.

3 months of missed payments will result in your credit card being charged for the programs you have participated in.

Trademark & Copyright Notice

All manuals and materials from Seminars as well as Webinar Recording  are copyrighted and may not be shared without written permission. It is our responsibility to inform you that any misuse and abuse of  Spiritual Mystery Schools, 7th Ray Mystery Schools, or Triolite materials may have negative consequences.  Copyright laws as well as divine laws are in effect. We ask that you respect our copyright materials.

The manuals/ materials are spiritual materials. It takes tremendous preparation and spiritual evolution to use the materials for teaching. If you are not an authorized instructor or coordinator you may have a negative impact using the materials for teaching, when you have not been authorized to do so. The ramifications for you, your family, relatives, and ancestors could be tremendous. It is our responsibility to share this with you...............the choice is yours!

Webinar recordings are owned by Triolite, Inc.  When  you sign up for a webinar you are authorized   to use  the webinar  and materials.  You are not legally authorized to share, lend, sell, or give these to another person.    

Unless you have written permission from Triolite, Inc. in the form of a Copyright Release you may not use these materials, resell them, give them away, or teach this material in  own programs. 

Many Teachers and Guides are authorized to present these programs  in a Seminar format.  

 Thank you for respecting our copyright.


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