Ancient Ways Modern Powers Apprenticeship Monthly Payment English Language

Ancient Ways Modern Powers Apprenticeship Monthly Payment English Language

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Product Description

Ancient Ways Modern Powers
Initiation into the Ancient Traditions

Ancient Ways Modern Powers with Gifts of the Spirit Intensive - Advanced Skills Oracle Training
Ceremonial Basics and High Priestess or High Priest Initiation, Evocational Basics, Healership training, and Adept Theory. 
Become a Person of Knowledge:

This program includes Many of Laurie’s programs:

  • • Gifts of the Spirit Intensive Seminar:
  • • A Year of Study: Psychic Skills Webinar;
  • • Celtic Shamanism Webinar 8 times per year;
  • • Gifts of the Spirit Basic Webinar;
  • • Adept Theory Webinar;
  • • Elemental Alchemy Webinar;
  • • The Sacred Altar Webinar;
  • • Adept II: Theories of Light Webinar;
  • • The 12 Races Webinar,
  • • Astral Travel Webinar,
  • • Divine Geometries Webinar,
  • • Advanced Skills Intensive Seminar Discount
  • • Graduation Program:  High Priestess /High Priest Initiations with Vision Quest
  • • and Laurie's mentoring …..

 (a value of over $5000 if these programs are taken individually)

Advanced Skills Intensive if offered 1 year after Gifts Intensive.  This begins your Initiation into the work of the Oracle!

Ancient Ways Modern Powers is a great Value offered in one economical package!

Integrate & Manifest Ancient Powers as you live life in the Modern World

Make the work of Ceremonialist, Healer, Psychic,
and Teacher your work in the world!

with Laurie - Lady Eleanor
Graduation can take place within 12 months to 3 years. Work at your own pace.  If you do not desire to complete the program the price is pro-rated according to materials and training you received.

Tuition for Apprenticeship is $5000.00  Spread your payments over time To participate in the program we require a deposit of $2000 and $250 monthly payments for 20  months.  A pre-established credit card monthly charge or PayPal Subscription is required.

$333 Materials Fee for Gifts Intensive .  Includes your Altar Kit, Black Mirror, and all goodies and tools needed in the training program

If you wish to pay  everything at once, the price is discounted to $4400.00 plus $333.00 materials charge for Gifts Intensive when you attend those programs!

If you wish to attend 24 Strand DNA Activation Training and Power Week I Teachers Program you may do so at a 20% Apprentice Discount.

If you do not desire to complete the program YOU AGREE TO PAY THE FULL PRICE OF PROGRAMS ON A PER SEMINAR BASIS.

3 months of missed payments will result in your credit card being charged for the programs you have participated in.