Adept II Theories of Light Chinese Language Webinar

Adept II Theories of Light Chinese Language Webinar

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Adept II Theories of Light Webinar

Adept II the Theories of Light offers deeper understanding into the energies of Light and consciousness. This program's pre-requisite is Adept Theory Webinar or Adept Initiation.

The purpose of Adept II is to build your understanding of consciousness, metaphysics, the Rays, Light, the Divine Names, and the use of and ability to work with Vibration. This is an expanded program that goes far beyond the basic teachings of Adept II – Energy Basics that is offered by valid Guides of Spiritual Mystery Schools. So much content has been added that it can be called a NEW program!

Learn valuable, detailed information on the parts of light which will allowing you to precisely work with each distinct energy in the Adept Intensive.

Topics: The Light, the Rays, vibrational healing and the properties of heat, the 72 names of God, the Wisdom Pyramid, Consciousness, and more..

Skills Mastered: A beginning understanding of light which is the manifestation of energy, and knowledge of how to use it. A basic understanding of consciousness and how to work with it. The Sword of Michael and Toning. The programs offers you two Exercises and 5 Assignments to work with in the months ahead as you prepare to begin your work as an Adept.

This program is highly recommended as a review for Guides who are licensed to teach Adept II.

  • The Theories of Light
  • The Rays
  • The Seven Powers of the Universe
  • The Elemental Energies
  • Toning

Note: Feeling the Energies Exercises are now included in Neo Adept Intensive and Etheric Healing Basic

This full day Webinar is easy to attend. Register online, we'll send you the link and provide instructions on how to set up your PC.

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