• Etheric Healing Intensive Apprentice Discount in Utah

Etheric Healing Intensive Apprentice Discount in Utah

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School of Etheric Healing Intensive: Light Laser Healing, Etheric Healing Basic, and Etheric Healing Advanced: Pre-requisite Training: Etheric Healing Theory Webinar– No Initiation Required
Location: Brigham City Utah - Specific Details Furnished on Registration
Time: 9 am – 7 pm Daily
The Etheric Energy structure is located just outside of your physical body, and it functions as a blueprint for the physical body. It is truly the magick blueprint for your physical experience in this lifetime. It is possible to heal and adjust the Etheric Body with tremendous, often immediate results in the physical! 

This program begins with Light Laser Healing and basic instruction in the use of light to heal and balance energy. 

It continues with Etheric Healing Basic. This section offers instruction about the Etheric Body and energy systems that support the physical and etheric structures. It ends with mastery of many techniques of Etheric Surgery and Healing!

Etheric Healing Basic Topics - The structure of the etheric body and auric energy field, the layers of the etheric structure and aura, Etheric Structures – Armor and Crystals, layers of the chakras. 

Skills Mastered: Basic Aura Reading and healing; Central Core opening and adjustment; the Matrix structures with release of karmic matrixes; Etheric Armor and Etheric Crystal removal; Light, Color and toning to balance the etheric and auric energy field, Reading and Balancing the Chakras

Etheric Healing Advanced: The energy field often contains stuck emotional energy, thought forms or belief structures, and trans-temporal trauma. The higher layers of the Aura are the focus of this program and you will learn many quick and easy techniques to support your clients to create change in their lives. 

Topics – Energetic manifestation of past life trauma, it’s diagnosis and healing; Energetic manifestation of current lifetime trauma, it’s diagnosis and healing; Thought forms – their life and process; the Matrix of Life, beginning understanding. 

Skills Mastered: Advanced Aura Reading and healing, Reading the petals, black spot reading and healing, thought form location and removal, working with the Matrix for Integration and Healing, Advanced energetic channeling techniques. 

This CERTIFICATION PROGRAM is the ultimate method of quick and easy healing methodologies and it is extremely effective as well as safe! Learn today! 

Benefits from the Class:
 Personal Healing and Balance 
 An easy method to enhance any other kind of energy work you already offer
 Greater knowledge of energy and how it works
 Greater ability to understand the people around you and assist them with empathy and love.
 Immediate Ability to work as a professional healer after certification in the program
 Over time as you do the work you will evolve in your abilities to feel, see, and hear energy and structures 
in the etheric field.  The results are fast! Reduce physical healing time after surgery.
 You will develop the ability to read the aura as you offer etheric surgery 
 Be one with the Universe as you perform this sacred healing work.

These programs have been part of Teachers Program. Now it is available in many locations throughout the year. This program allows you to certify as an Etheric Healer and “Handing Down” is available for experienced Guides when a sufficient number of Private Sessions have been completed.

Location: Brigham City, UT - Fly in to Salt Lake International Airport, Shuttle to Brigham City with Logan Shuttle.
Phone: Triolite, Inc. 866-570-7036 or 435-723-5442 Come to beautiful Brigham City, Utah to connect with the magickal Ray of Metatron and be empowered with the skills to build your own light center. Headquarters Only 

LOCATION DETAILS FOR Etheric Healing Intensive With Laurie: 

Shuttle to Brigham City with Cache Valley Shuttle: http://www.loganshuttle.com/ ro Logan, Utah (800) 658-8526. 

Lodging in Brigham City: Bushnell Motel(435) 723-8575115 E 700 S, Brigham City
Howard Johnson(435) 723-8511 Located at 1167 S Main St, Brigham City
Galaxie Motel(435) 723-723-3439 Located at 740 S Main St, Brigham City
Crystal Inn (435) 723-0440 Located at 480 Westland Drive, Brigham City, UT 84302 
Days Inn (435) 723-3500 Located at 1033 South 1600 West, Brigham City, UT 84302 


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