• Adept Program:  Theory Webinar Anniversary Sale

Adept Program: Theory Webinar Anniversary Sale

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The Adept Theory Webinar

The word Adept literally means to master oneself. The process of becoming an Adept is called “the great work” and for most seekers it takes a lifetime of study to begin to understand what that means. Normally, the mysteries of Adepthood are revealed over time through the curriculum and graded teachings of the Mystery traditions. These teachings lead each Initiate to complete the great work (which is defined as the union of the body, soul, and spirit) during the physical lifetime.

The Adept Theory Webinar is a pre-initiation program, designed to offer you a basic introduction to the Mystery teachings. Adept programs are designed to provide you with a great beginning in your metaphysical education and provide you with the tools that will support you in the process of Mastering yourself The Adept Theory Webinar offers information on cosmology, Kabbalah, and consciousness. This pre-initiation program introduces you to the concepts of Initiation so that you may determine if the Initiatory path is YOUR path. This program prepares you for service as a lightworker serving humankind in partnership with the Hierarchy of Light.

After the Adept Theory Webinar the next step is to be Initiated in sacred ceremony. Once initiated, you are qualified to attend the (Neo) Adept Intensive where you will learn to perform 24 Strand DNA Activation®, Basic Energetic Balancing, Cap Removal. You will also learn the Rituals of the Adept, Toning, and much more! As an Adept you will be qualified to continue your education as a healer, teacher, and metaphysician through the Teacher’s Core Programs in preparation for Power Week I! A new career in your own light center as a healer, teacher, professional reader, and leader of light may be yours in less than a year!

Topics: What is Initiation? What are the “degrees” or grades of Initiation? What are the benefits of Initiation? Your service with the Hierarchy of Light, the Cosmology of Heaven, ritual, the dimensions of the physical and spiritual realms, the human potential, influence of the ego upon the true self or “individuality”, the cycle of human processes, the human energies, the powers of the universe, the keys of success, the Divine laws, Kabbalah basics, the four worlds, the Pattern on the Trestleboard, and introduction to meditation,

Skills Mastered: Basic understanding of Adept Theory and understanding of Initiation

Learn the Teachings of Empowerment from the comfort of your own home or office! Learn at your own pace, choose your own schedule with our selection of Webinars.
Join us for ONLINE EVENTS with your computer or by phone.
If you cannot attend at these times, the webinar is recorded and all materials are available for you to use when it is convenient! No Pre-Requisites

About the All New Neo Adept Program:

Online Course Curriculum
1- The Adept Theory $177 Includes Manual Full Day
2- Meditation Basics $50 1/2 Day
3- Sacred Altar $122 1 Day Class Includes Book
4- Divine Geometries $50 1/2 Day
5- Astral Travel $50 1/2 Day
6- Adept II $177 Full Day
7- Gifts of the Spirit Basic Webinar $277 2 Full Days with Book

Online Program Qualifies Initiate for Adept Initiation Intensive Feb 2011 and Pre Teachers  Program

The Neo-Adept Initiation Weekend: 3.5 Days (Friday night to Sunday night) – Includes Initiation Ceremony, DNA Activation Training, Energy Basics, Galactic Ray Healing, Rituals of the Adept, and more

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The manuals/ materials are spiritual materials. It takes tremendous preparation and spiritual evolution to use the materials for teaching. If you are not an authorized instructor or coordinator you may have a negative impact using the materials for teaching, when you have not been authorized to do so. The ramifications for you, your family, relatives, and ancestors could be tremendous. It is our responsibility to share this with you...............the choice is yours!

Webinar recordings are owned by Triolite, Inc.  When  you sign up for a webinar you are authorized   to use  the webinar  and materials.  You are not legally authorized to share, lend, sell, or give these to another person.    

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Many Teachers and Guides are authorized to present these programs  in a Seminar format.  

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