The Sacred Altar Webinar Anniversary Sale

The Sacred Altar Webinar Anniversary Sale

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The Sacred Altar 
It is said that the Altar represents the face of God and magically represents the center of the universe as well as the center of the yourself. It is the working surface of ritual, the focus of awareness and your personal empowerment.     The Altar defines Sacred space.  Sacred Space is a physical place where the divine or the supernatural can be glimpsed or experienced – and where we may have contact with something larger beyond ourselves and our physical reality.   To create an altar we first recognize the need to connect to connect to something divine, beyond our world and everyday experience.  Then we find the Spiritual part of ourselves within.   The next step is to move that space from within to a specific place in the physical world.    Your altar reflects inner self and manifests your connection to God or Goddess.   Joseph Campbell states, “sacred space is a place where wonder can be revealed.”   For thousands of years we have worked to bring the divine or supernatural into the physical time and space through one simple act:   Building an Altar.  Your spiritual growth will be amplified with the simple act of building an altar.  These teachings reveal the hidden but “true secrets” of manifestation that have been held within the Mystery Traditions for thousands of years.  
Topics:  The history of Altars, types of altars, how to create your own altar, portable altars, the elements and directions, cleansing and clearing space, consecrating your altar, table of correspondences for building your altar according to purpose, a dictionary of symbols is included in your program manual.
Skills Mastered:  12 Exercises to Guide you through the process of establishing your Altar.  Meditation techniques to find the divine within, bridging energy, setting sacred space, consecrating your altar, establishing a circle, and more…
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