Annual Production Temple with Facility Fee of $400 per person

Annual Production Temple with Facility Fee of $400 per person

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Elemental Alchemy - Foundations of Magick

Elemental Alchemy

This one day program has earned Spiritual Mystery Schools the name, “The Harry Potter School”! This program is a great introduction to Elemental Alchemy.
This full day Seminar includes the recipes used in our annual Celtic Tradition Goddess Production temple.  

This four day in person program allows you to master the process of working magic with the elemental forces. This is a basic “hands on” program, and as you do the exercises you learn the skills of magic. Anyone can work magic. You don’t need special abilities or psychic gifts. You don’t need Initiation or magickal training beyond these simple basics. Each segment of the program is a stand alone training. Take one class or all four. It is up to you.


Setting the Temple in the Celtic Goddess Tradition

Fire: The basics of candle and fire magic. Learn to inscribe, anoint (also called dressing), and charge a candle for YOUR specific purpose. Learn to write a parchment, anoint yourself, and read the candle as it burns. Learn to activate medallions, make amulets and talismans. Fire does it all!

Air: The basics of aromatherapy from the magical side! Learn how to shift your consciousness in under 3 minutes. Learn how to blend essential oils for magical purposes and how to read scents. Learn by mixing various magical blends yourself! Learn to smudge, bless, and clear the aura with the magic of air. Learn to use casting and magical powders and incense.

Water: We all clean our bodies, our homes, and our clothes. Learn to do magic at the same time. This program includes the procedure for making magical teas, washes, and baths. Learn to make your own flower essences and gem elixers. Learn about tinctures and, fruit and flower waters, and blend your own bath salts for YOUR magical purpose.

Earth: Learn how to mix herbs and create a spell bag or Mojo as it is called in HooDoo. Learn how to use herbs and the powers of plants to achieve your objectives with magic and pure energy. Learn to create amulets and talismans, how to set a temple for working, how to manifest, and how to put all the other elemental aspects of magick together! Learn to use a besom (broom) to sweep out and then sweep in specific energy for your purposes. This day pulls all the knowledge and training of the previous 3 sections together into a whole package.

Skills Mastered: Candle Magic, Working with Essential Oils, Making Teas, Washes, Fruit and Flower Waters, Cleansing Space, The Besom, Making Mojo Bags and more

Join us for ONLINE EVENTS with your computer or by phone.

If you cannot attend in person the Seminar is offered as a live Webinar.  The Webinar will be recorded.

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