Hermetic Astrology Webinar Anniversary Sale

Hermetic Astrology Webinar Anniversary Sale

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Hermetic Astrology Basic Webinar:

“As above – so below,” the opening phrase of the Emerald Tablet of Hermes, and is called the Hermetic Principle of Correspondence. Astrology is based on this teaching. All outward events mirror inward processes. The physical world mirrors the Divine realms we call Heaven Many scientists are vaguely admit that a relationship exists between the order seen in the heavens and the order expressed in human lives. But what is the nature of that relationship? Th answer must be deduced “by an examination of correlations between outward phenomena and inward characteristics.”

The Spirit chooses the exact moment of birth so that it may utilize the cosmic and energetic pattern imprinted upon its personality at birth for the purposes of its evolution. This imprinting serves to determine the major incarnation lesson to achieve the purpose of a this life. It is greatest help to know what that lesson is. Astrology can help with that process. Astrology reveals Man to himself. It shows us the relationship between God and the Macrocosm, and Man to the Microcosm. It demonstrates the fundamental Unity of all things!

This basic seminar offers your this knowledge so you may determine the astrological pattern of each individual and know the relative strengths and weaknesses of the various influences operating within each life. To the degree that we are in know ourselves and understand this knowledge of the influences we can begin systematic, scientific character rebuilding – and character is destiny! This seminar teaching basic Chart Interpretation. It does not cover “erecting” charts.

Topics: The elements and elemental balance in the Astrological chart interpretation, and the qualities. The Influences; delineating the planets in the signs and the houses, aspects, asteroids, transits, and the degrees, the Hermetic Teachings of Astrology in Ancient Traditions and Hermetic cosmology.

Skills Mastered: Basic Knowledge of Chart Interpretation, Meditation on the keys for the degrees.

Webinar: Learn Astrology in the comfort of your own home or office! Learn at your own pace, choose your own schedule.

Join us for ONLINE EVENTS with your computer or by phone.

If you cannot attend at these times, the webinar is recorded and all materials are available for you to use when it is convenient! No Pre-Requisites

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