Hermetic Tarot Basics Webinar Anniversary Sale

Hermetic Tarot Basics Webinar Anniversary Sale

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Hermetic Tarot Basic Webinar:

An old Chinese Proverb states, “a picture is worth 10,000 words”. I define Tarot as the Alchemical process of evolving your consciousness. The Alchemy occurs because each picture can be seen in an infinite number of ways, so we get what we need from these Keys to Consciousness when we use them. Each of us can look at the tarot keys and project ourselves into the scene, interpreting the meanings according to our human experiences that are similar. No two people will interpret a tarot card the same way! You won’t see what I see, a Shaman won’t see what a fitness expert sees, and a doctor won’t see what a psychic sees. This is what makes the Tarot so powerful AND such an important tool of consciousness!

Topics: The history of Tarot, Tarot and the Mystery Traditions, What does Tarot Mean, How and Why does Tarot Work, The Alchemy of Tarot, Activating Your Tarot Deck, Basic Alchemical Spread, The Tarot Keys – their symbology and meaning.

Skills Mastered: Basic Skills in using the Tarot Major Arcana Keys, Activating Your Deck, Ability to Read and use the Tarot keys as tools of transformation, Tarot magick, Creating a Talisman, Tarot spreads, Alchemical Spreads

Webinar: Tarot teachings from the Hermetic Tradition.

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