The History Of Mystery Schools Anniversary Sale

The History Of Mystery Schools Anniversary Sale

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Legends in many different parts of the world and different cultures state that the Mysteries were taught to mankind by angels or gods.  Our tradition states that Man was not the first of creation to make the journey into individuality and then return to ONENESS. Those who have traveled the path of ONEness before us are sometimes willing to give mankind a helping hand. We consider them to be our Elder Brothers and Sisters and call them the Magi.  In the Mystery Traditions we call them by their official title, “The Masters of the Hierarchy of Light” which is a Spiritual Hierarchy devoted to assisting Humankind in evolving.   The Magi guide the development of humanity by founding Mystery Schools. Originally these schools were formed in Atlantis

Topics:  The Legend of Atlantis, the purpose of mystery schools, how they came to be, and Mystery Schools for modern times.

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