• What is Light body & Alchemy Of Consciousness Webinar

What is Light body & Alchemy Of Consciousness Webinar

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The legendary abilities of the Light body bring many to seek Spiritual Evolution. The essential gift we receive as a result of developing the Light Body is to create the union between the higher consciousness and the physical consciousness, allowing one to live as an evolved being of higher awareness. Many consider this a worthy goal for all Spiritual Seekers to achieve! This perfected individual is said to be capable of operating within the ordinary world through an altered vehicle of consciousness which is beyond normal human capacity. For an individual, this is the most exalted stage of human development. There is one school of thought that believes as more and more of humankind intentionally achieves Light Body development and activation, in time everyone will also achieve activation. For humankind, this is thought to be the final stage of evolution. 

The specialty work of Spiritual Mystery Schools, especially 7th Ray Mystery School is directed toward building and manifesting the Light Body, one person at a time! The 24 Strand DNA Activation ® and Adam Kadmon® Program have been developed with the Guidance of Archangel Metatron to activate then develop the Light Body. Most people think of this process as “New Age” but in reality it is a teaching that is thousands of years old. 

Topics: What is the Lightbody? The history of Light Body Teachings, Activation and Initiation, Light Body in other traditions, Adam Kadmon and 24 Strand DNA Activation, What is Alchemy, How does Alchemy impact consciousness, and what are the levels of Light Body Consciousness? Open discussion of various methods for DNA Activation. 

Skills Mastered: Light Body Meditation

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