• 12 Races of Earth Webinar with Chinese Language Translation

12 Races of Earth Webinar with Chinese Language Translation

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The Twelve Races of Earth

This is one of the more entertaining and interesting teachings of the Mystery Traditions. The Twelve Races of Earth teaches us about the other beings inhabiting the Earth along with humankind! It is “said” that approximately 20% of the population of Earth is “non-human” however these beings are our half brothers and sisters. All 12 Races are called “Adamic Seed” which means that we are all the children of Adam – the name Kabbalah gives to the first human. The teachings state that Adam was originally the Divine being Archangel Michael who fell, becoming a living physical being. All those who are descended from this Divine being are considered “Adamic Seed”. The 11 Non-Human Races are the children of Archangel Michael BEFORE his fall. Some call these beings “Starseed,” and stories indicate they populated the Earth long before Humankind came to be!

This fascinating and unusual program offers information that is not taught in religious traditions, or anywhere except the Sacred and Secret Mystery Traditions.

Topics: The names of the 12 Races and explanation of each including their territory and specialties. The prophesied 13th Race or Adam Kadmon.

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