Qabalah Teachers Program Payment

This option is for those who wish to certify as QBL Teachers.  To Qualify as a Qabalah Teacher you must be a Guide and have attended Ceremonial Master 2 - although Ceremonial Master 3 is preferred.

The Requirements are that you must have completed 1 year of study and Qabalah Ascension and/ or Qabalah Year of Study and the Symposium.  It requires completion of Pathworking Webinar Year of Study OR Pathworking through any of the authorized Qabalah teachers of 7th Ray Mystery School or Spiritual Mystery Schools.

This advanced seminar opens the power of the Qabalah Teacher within you so that you may teach this landmark progream! To be held in Utah 10 am - 9 pm

After this program you will be required to write your own Qabalah Sephiroth Manuals and co-teach 1 year Ascension Program with a Mystery School Certified Qabalah Teacher.