Manifesting Miracles AND Anchoring Higher Self Double Session

Double Header Manifesting Miracles Webinar AND Anchoring the Presence of Your Higher Self:

Double Session!

Webinar Sessions each last about 4 hours.  Experience the energy and light from the comfort of your own home or office! Join us for these ONLINE Group Sessions with your computer or by phone.
Sessions require your attendance online or by phone. Both Programs require Pre-registration

No Pre-Requisite Classes are required for these group session.
Must Pre-Register and Include your Date of Birth to calculate the Soul and Heart Angels Serving You.

MANIFESTING Miracles and Joy  

Have you ever wondered why your life is as it is? Have you ever wanted to change your life? Are you looking for happier way to enjoy life? Have you wanted or needed a miracle? Miracle manifestation will support you in making changes in your life.

Through evocation and petition of your Soul Angel, you will find the path of miracles opening to you. Each of us have 5 Guardian Angels. The Angels of Soul, Heart, and Intellect have the keys to clear your karmic limitations, clear limiting patterns, and change your life and luck. If you can ask for something, you are ready to have it. Clearing energy to allow you to vibrate with your desired outcome is the work your Angels will perform.

After the group session is complete, you will learn to support and sustain the clearing work through simple techniques and a journaling system. Writing in your journal using a daily worksheet guides you through the process of changing your consciousness over 40 days.

Soul Angels are beings who emerge directly from the Divine, help us to overcome our limitations and use our free will. The Angels do this by activating within us the divine presence of our Soul. Soul Angels are connected to our Higher Self, and are usually described as one of our 5 Guardian Angels.

Benefits: Manifestation in every aspect of life is possible. You will learn to define your goals and create a manifestation plan. You will learn to work directly with your Soul Angel through prayer and meditation. You will be able to use this method for yourself through the rest of your life. Repeat private sessions are not necessary.

As you begin to work with the process you will feel lighter, freer, and more peaceful. This makes it easier for you to "set up" your life to match your desires and manifest in ways that are fun. You will begin to attract opportunities, jobs, and people into your life who will be parts of your miracles. You will become a magnet for luck, abundance, love, health, and amazing miracles.

If you wish to study the concepts read anything by John Price, especially The Abundance Book.

Your Birth Date is required, birth time and location are very helpful.

The Adam Kadmon, 24 Strand DNA Activation is helpful for the session. Etheric Healing with Karmic Matrix Removal is very helpful. Cord cutting is very helpful. These sessions are HELPFUL not REQUIRED.  Email us and ask for a referral for these services in your area.

Higher Self Anchoring Sesssion

The Higher Self is YOUR Individuality, also called your Higher Intelligence and the Soul. The presence of the Higher Self give you the essence of healing and empowerment. The Higher Self is your true Inner Teacher and the source of all knowledge. (This is why we say spiritual teachers are only "reminders" of all what you already know.) Personal Spiritual Evolution, healing, direct knowledge, enhanced intuition, creativity, and abundance are just a few of the benefits you may experience as a result of contact with this divine aspect of your being.

I�ve decided to offer this session and "just do it!" In the Mystery Traditions there have always been methods to Anchor the Presence of the Higher Self within the physical body. These traditional methods utilize the tools of ceremony and ritual. The group session activates the aspects of your Soul (Qabalah) and establishes the Sacred Geometries within your energy field. The result is manifestation of their "inner temple"(adytum) that becomes the home of your higher self.

Each person has 4 Personal Angels who assist us through life. The Personal Angels work under the direction of your Guardian Angel and they give you divine personality qualities, physical talents, and Spiritual Gifts. Your Angels hold the pillars of divinity located in your energy field. One of the key aspects that make a modified version of these ancient methods effective to Anchor the Higher Self is evocation of 3 of your Personal Angels, the Heart Angel, Soul Angel, and Intellect Angel. They bring divine Intercession to set aside Karmic limitations allowing the Higher Self to Anchor within your being.

Anchoring the Presence of the Higher Self Sessions are offered online in a small group of 4 - 5 people . These sessions require your presence online. Your birthdate, birth time, and birth location are necessary to calculate the names of your Personal Angels and a complimentary report on them will be emailed to you. Register online and details about the next group session will be provided to you. In some cases we can accommodate your schedule!

Higher Self Anchoring BENEFITS

  • Full connection to your Higher Self, Heart Angel, Soul Angel, and Intellect Angel.
  • Empowerment of your Divine Soul Lineage and your Spiritual Gifts.
  • Deep healing through spiritual connection to your Higher Self.
  • Unlimited ability to manifest and work in the light.
  • It isn't possible to predict your results from the overshadowing presence of your higher self, but as I have performed these group sessions I have found miracles manifesting in my life!


Requires birth data as well as time and location for astrological chart preparation and calculation of Guardian Angels. Call 435-723-5442 or email to schedule your semi private session Anchoring the Presence of Your Higher Self Sessions require your attendance online or by phone. Enjoy the session from the comfort of your own home or office with your computer microphone and speakers or by phone. DNA Reading, DNA Activation, Karmic Matrix Removal, Cord Cutting, and Etheric Healing are very beneficial before your Higher Self Anchoring Session!

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