Sacred Space Divine Geometries I

The objective of this workshop is to open each participant to experience the energies of Heaven, which are present in the manifested material of the World. Geometry as an art is formed in heaven before anything can be created. This art is based on the first three symbols of Heaven:
Topics:  The Basics of Divine Geometry, What do they symbolize, How to Activate the Divine Geometries within yourself?  Using Divine Geometries to open your energy centers. Setting Sacred Space
Skills Mastered:   Emblazon the 3 Sacred Geometry Keys to Heaven into your being, (body, mind, soul, & spirit), Connect Your Mind with the Holy Spirit, Mesh Sacred Geometry with the Four Elements to enable all of your Physical Creations to be imbued with The Divine.  Activate a room with Sacred Geometry, Convert a room to a Sacred Temple, Apply Sacred Geometry in Daily Life (cooking, travel, writing…….), The Temple of Melchizadek and the Temple of Noah are included for your meditation and personal empowerment.