Spiritual Mystery School's Hermetic Astrology Session

This Session is a Spiritual Mystery School Secialty!

In the Hermetic Tradition Astrology is the Tree of Life.  We Interpret Charts Differently Than Other Western Astrologers Do.  

In this reading you will have the time to discuss your chart with Laurie, then your report is prepared.  The report gives details on Your Elements and Elemental Mix, the Influences, and the Houses.   It includes a paragraph on each planet by house, the names of your Heart, Soul, and Intellect Angels, and Your Life Hexagram.  The Hexagram identifies the energy of your Individuality (Higher Self), your Personality (Present Self), your Problem to Solve in Life, Your Source for Solutions, Your Key to Empowerment, and the Path of Integration.  

This session requires 4 hours of Laurie's Time and is priced accordingly.